Torng Wang is a special effects makeup artist, having graduated from London College of Fashion (UAL) in 2022.  
Born in Taipei, Taiwan. 
She came to London  four years ago to study 'International Introduction to the study of Fashion' at London College of Fashion which gave her an insight into the fashion and beauty industry and opened up her mind to creative approaches. She was later offered a place on the '(BA) Hair Makeup and Prosthetics for Performance' course. During her time there, she acquired the skills of prosthetics sculpting, mould making, wig making and hair styling for film and theatre.  
Moving from a less diverse environment to one of the most multicultural cities in the world, she was introduced to a whole new world and made connections with other creative minds. 
Starting while a university, she has worked as a professional make-up artist on a plethora of short films, music videos, fashion films and live performances.
Through her work, she explores the playfulness or childishness in concept makeup. She always endeavours to convey a strong sense of narrative or character with the work. Always saying yes to new opportunities and experiences, she is excited to develop her career further.
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